Arduino Dynamic Balancer

To regrind the Chipmasters bed I will need to balance the wheel and spindle. I was thinking along the lines of using an gyro, accelerometer device like those found in your smartphone or drone, then measure displacement and rotation to identify imbalances. This site hosts some interesting articles, including a balacning technique another … Continue reading

Deciding on a new AC/DC Tig Welder

My FP2 repairs, require me to fix the broken aluminum hand wheels or buy new ones, then machine them to fit the existing mountings and fixtures. Welding aluminum with my current TIG welder is not possible. So now the cost benefit question arises, and at what cost? This seems like a simple decision, Option A … Continue reading

Lathe Bed Way Grinder

My Chipmaster Bed shows some serious wear on ways, approximately 0,5mm, 200mm from the headstock side. The tailstock slides are slightly better, but not good enough to use as reference. between the inverted V and flats of each slide there is an unused area, i.e. non bearing surface, I used this for baseline measurements, and … Continue reading

Deckel FP2 – Fixing Vertical Ways

In its first lucky life, my FP2 was used as a sturdy drill press. At some point it went in for a refurbish and a new paint job to light olive green, as the previous owner stated more drill press work. Then it switched hands and got a nice pressure washer spring clean which forced … Continue reading

Wenn es Krach gibt gehen Wir in die Wueste!

For those who do not know the book, henno martin was a german geologist who lived in the namib desert to avoid internment during world war II. ( My spinn on it is when the noise in my head becomes too loud, adventure in the desert calls 😉 Well let me introduce myself, my name … Continue reading