Lathe Bed Way Grinder

My Chipmaster Bed shows some serious wear on ways, approximately 0,5mm, 200mm from the headstock side. The tailstock slides are slightly better, but not good enough to use as reference. between the inverted V and flats of each slide there is an unused area, i.e. non bearing surface, I used this for baseline measurements, and … Continue reading

Deckel FP2 – Fixing Vertical Ways

In its first lucky life, my FP2 was used as a sturdy drill press. At some point it went in for a refurbish and a new paint job to light olive green, as the previous owner stated more drill press work. Then it switched hands and got a nice pressure washer spring clean which forced … Continue reading

Colchester Chipmaster Continental 1974

Here I am trying to document my experience and lessons learned in restoring a Chippie to hopefully pristine condition again. I bought it from a member of the Rand Society of Model Engineers – The machine was acquired by Mitco Tool in South Africa in 1976. As can be seen pretty rough on the … Continue reading

3D Edge Finder, Touch probe, Digitizing Probe

Once you start milling you soon realize all work has to be referenced, easily done with a round bar with known diameter, but a lot of calculating with manual dials. Mechanical devices like wiggler are easy to build but only work in 2D and can not interface to the DRO. My mill came with a … Continue reading

My Deckel FP2 Milling Machine 1965

In May 2016, while still trying to figure my affection with old iron, to my surprise, I stumbled on a advertisement for a Deckel Milling Machine. In my mind I was convinced these machines do not exist in Africa.¬† After pondering if a 1.5 Ton Tool is the right choice for the home workshop, I … Continue reading

Treading a Trapezoid Nut for my Deckel FP2 X Axis Spindle

This entry documents part of my journey in restoring a Deckel FP2 Milling Machine, I will¬† share the story on how I got the machine in a separate post, a rare tool in Africa. It does not help that this is my first on making a boring bar for threading, grinding the HSS tool with … Continue reading