Arduino Powered TIG AC/DC

The idea is not new, but there are very little open source projects on this. The only promising link was, but no hardware diagrams. My existing TIG welder is DC only, a look inside reveals a design similar to below, with three transformer stages in parallel. Now convert this output to AC. Easy? Add … Continue reading

3D Edge Finder, Touch probe, Digitizing Probe

Once you start milling you soon realize all work has to be referenced, easily done with a round bar with known diameter, but a lot of calculating with manual dials. Mechanical devices like wiggler are easy to build but only work in 2D and can not interface to the DRO. My mill came with a … Continue reading

Distributed PLC

My interest in programmable controllers and microprocessors dates back to my student life in the 90’s. Recently I started playing with NodeMCU and its eLua based firmware for the ESP8266 WiFi SOC from Espressif. The idea of a distributed plc has been lingering ever since I connected a AT 2313 to a nrf905. This should … Continue reading