Arduino Dynamic Balancer

To regrind the Chipmasters bed I will need to balance the wheel and spindle.

I was thinking along the lines of using an gyro, accelerometer device like those found in your smartphone or drone, then measure displacement and rotation to identify imbalances.

This site hosts some interesting articles, including a balacning technique

another device based on the above design:

Old Static wheel balancing device.

old balancer


My Design

This is a fixture where the top is floating on three braided steel wire pivots. The wire is aligned to provide freedom of movement along the horizontal axis (x). Mounting a 3 axis accelerometer on the floating base should be able to measure the vibration caused by the out of balance mass of the rotating body overhead, in the x and to some lesser degree in y and z plane. I have not done any calculations on the geometry and actual vibrations expected, to be able to predict the mass required to correct the out of balance.

Dynamic Balancer v1 front.png

Take Two

Simplified, and improved design and more complete layout.

Dynamic Balancer V2 v5



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