Deciding on a new AC/DC Tig Welder

My FP2 repairs, require me to fix the broken aluminum hand wheels or buy new ones, then machine them to fit the existing mountings and fixtures. Welding aluminum with my current TIG welder is not possible. So now the cost benefit question arises, and at what cost?

This seems like a simple decision,

Option A – New Hand Wheels

Buy new hand wheels on ebay at 50EUR a piece + 15EUR shipping = 966  NAD a piece.

machining , boring the center hole and outside ring, drilling holes +/- 1 day my time

Total : 2000 NAD + 1 day my time

Option B – Outsource the Weld

Cost Point 2 hours @ 1200 NAD

Cleanup 4 hours my time

Total: 1200 NAD + 4 hours my time

Option C – Buy Tig and Weld

Decide and buy, new TIG Welder 10000 – 30000 NAD

Weld and cleanup 2 hour my time

Total: ? but all CAPEX

Option C raises the question what Welder?

  • Direct china import of WSE 200P branded as Jasic, Consa – 750 USD
  • Indirect China Model WSE 200P, over local importers as Matweld, Tradeweld, McAfric – 1200 USD
  • German EWM – Tetrix 230 AC/DC Comfort 2.0 puls 5P TM – 3400 EUR
  • LINCOLIN Electric Aspec 300 , or Invertec 220 TPX – ?
  • Miller Dynasty 200SD AC/DC TIG – ?

I have had no problems with the Tradeweld DC Tig in my light DIY use case. But have also burned my fingers with Chinese imports a few times.




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