Deckel FP2 – Fixing Vertical Ways

In its first lucky life, my FP2 was used as a sturdy drill press. At some point it went in for a refurbish and a new paint job to light olive green, as the previous owner stated more drill press work. Then it switched hands and got a nice pressure washer spring clean which forced water below the vertical slide, the little access port at the back trapped water, and so it started rusting. Which eventually caused considerable wear on the right way (FR) 0,05, compared to the left front way (FL)  worn to about 0,023.

When the transporters dropped it, I decided to take it apart to establish the damage. To my surprise, all oiling points where pumped full of grease. And I soon discovered the rusty spot. After pondering in the effort of taking it apart again in future against just fixing it now, I decided to scrape the ways and get it back to original as close as possible.

Firstly I measured both ways to a reference surface reference.


Below the measured results, which showed a slight inclination in my reference surface. I later used the original machined surfaces as reference.




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