My Deckel FP2 Milling Machine 1965

In May 2016, while still trying to figure my affection with old iron, to my surprise, I stumbled on a advertisement for a Deckel Milling Machine. In my mind I was convinced these machines do not exist in Africa.  After pondering if a 1.5 Ton Tool is the right choice for the home workshop, I made the decision and managed to persuade the owner to honor my first offer. Next came planning the logistics for the 2000km transport to my home town. Well knowing these machines are top heavy I tried to convince all the parties involved to take every precaution to prevent the machine from tipping over. All went well until the last delivery leg from the depot in town to my home. When the driver driver got there, I asked him if all went ok, he shrugged his shoulders and said, he think there was a thumping noise in the back of the truck. ohhh no.

After inspecting it became evident that the machine was not rigged in any way and toppled over.

So this is the start of my journey to restore this versatile and sturdy build machine, what a daunting and challenging task, with no prior experience I jumped right in!

Scouring the net for manuals I found Den Tukker’s site, nice gentleman who shares some insights. It seems he also collects great old machine tools.

Source of Deckel manuals:!209&cid=547FE296ECFD561F


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