3D Edge Finder, Touch probe, Digitizing Probe

Once you start milling you soon realize all work has to be referenced, easily done with a round bar with known diameter, but a lot of calculating with manual dials. Mechanical devices like wiggler are easy to build but only work in 2D and can not interface to the DRO. My mill came with a … Continue reading

Distributed PLC

My interest in programmable controllers and microprocessors dates back to my student life in the 90’s. Recently I started playing with NodeMCU and its eLua based firmware for the ESP8266 WiFi SOC from Espressif. The idea of a distributed plc has been lingering ever since I connected a AT 2313 to a nrf905. This should … Continue reading

My Deckel FP2 Milling Machine 1965

In May 2016, while still trying to figure my affection with old iron, to my surprise, I stumbled on a advertisement for a Deckel Milling Machine. In my mind I was convinced these machines do not exist in Africa.¬† After pondering if a 1.5 Ton Tool is the right choice for the home workshop, I … Continue reading

Treading a Trapezoid Nut for my Deckel FP2 X Axis Spindle

This entry documents part of my journey in restoring a Deckel FP2 Milling Machine, I will¬† share the story on how I got the machine in a separate post, a rare tool in Africa. It does not help that this is my first on making a boring bar for threading, grinding the HSS tool with … Continue reading